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Ooga is not your bank.
Ooga is
than your bank.

What is

Free yourself to do what you love - ooga will do the rest.

Ooga allows startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers to focus on what they love doing and free their time to deal with what they are good with. For that to happen ooga allows them to open a financial automatic account in minutes needed for the modern business operating in multiple channels - collection, payments, bookkeeping, digital wallet, tax calculation and more > everything in a simple, immediate and straightforward.

Ooga would work for you in the background so you do better what you are good at doing.

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These are the reasons why we are so amazing

ooga is a perfect system for small businesses. It allows you to do what you're good at and love and give you time to get away with your real work instead of messing with everything around you.

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Stop paying those steep bank fees

Why pay so much in fees for money transfers abroad, credit card clearance or even an accountant’s services? Ooga can take care of almost all the financial aspects of running your business, which will save you a lot of money.

Freelancers and small businesses - unite!

Finally, you have an app that gives you what you really need: someone to take money collection off your hands! Yes, this is one of the things that Ooga can do - saving you time and trouble and allowing you to concentrate on your work.

Ooga never loses sight of the whole picture

Ooga coordinates your entire financial activity, giving you a comprehensive overview of your income, expenses, payments, taxes, cash flow, balance, savings and more.

Your own financial manager

Ooga can function as your personal financial manager: it will put money aside to cover taxes and plan your cash flow, to name just two of its advanced features.


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It’s unbelievably easy

Our user-friendly system is waiting for you - sign up on our website
Within minutes, you will be able to start receiving payments from customers using a credit card or digital wallet
Your customers can use any payment method: credit card, bank transfer, cash or digital wallet. Your account will be credited within seven business days - it’s quick and secure!

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